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Workplace Futures provides a unique opportunity to identify – and help shape – the future of FM.

This is an industry that plays a critical role in the success of virtually every private and public sector organisation. Join in the debate – make your mark on the business – get involved in this important annual event.

By bringing together a panel of carefully selected expert speakers and an audience of high-ranking FM leaders to tackle some of the biggest questions of the day, Workplace Futures helps to explore – and define – the crucial role that facilities management can play in a changing world.


Workplace Futures 2018 – Adding Value, Tuesday 6th February - The Crystal, London

Adding value. The concept is simple enough: provide more value, benefits, features or service without increasing cost. Something over & above the expected that can lead to client surprise and delight.

This is the polar opposite of the ‘more for less’ mentality that became part of client expectations post-recession. In parallel with that particular trend there was a tendency for procurement teams and the C-suite to regard FM as a commodity – which makes the proposition, and the ability, to add value an absolute necessity if the sector is to be sustainable, profitable and ‘a good place to be’.

So how does FM add value to clients? Unfortunately, answering that is far more complex than defining the concept. Understanding why to add value is very different to demonstrating how value is delivered, measured and reported.

Workplace Futures 2018 will take delegates on a joined-up journey, exploring the theme of adding value, not just as a theoretical model but in real-life experience. The programme will provide delegates with insights from leading thinkers and doers, highlighting where the sector is and where it needs to get to. Our focus will be on practical elements in terms of critical factors that need to be deployed - and of course there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and sharing, along with selected case studies to demonstrate what success can look like.




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